Coronavirus day centre closures 🦠😷

I queued over 1 hour for dinner – all 4 spoonfuls of it. For the last 4 months we’ve been forced on the coronavirus starvation diet. 95% of homeless of homeless day centres and soup kitchens are closed and the very few that are still open have reduced the size of their meals to between half and a quarter of what they used to serve. It’s impossible to eat properly. We’re losing a lot of weight and getting malnutrition.

Coronavirus information

NHS website

Coronavirus symptoms The most detailed breakdown of symptoms of the disease comes from a recent World Health Organization analysis. Here are the most common symptoms and the percentage of people who had them:

  • Fever: 88%
  • Dry cough: 68%
  • Fatigue: 38%
  • Coughing up thick phlegm from the lungs: 33%
  • Shortness of breath: 19%
  • Bone or joint pain: 15%
  • Sore throat: 14%
  • Headache: 14%
  • Chills: 11%
  • Nausea or vomiting: 5%
  • Stuffy nose: 5%
  • Diarrhea: 4%
  • Loss of taste or smell
  • Coughing up blood: 1%
  • Swollen eyes: 1%
  • Red / purple blisters on feet, including toes


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Homeless day centres, soup kitchens & soup runs closed due to coronavirus

Welcome to the London Homeless Info list of the very few homeless day centres, soup kitchens and soup runs still open in London during coronavirus. Out of 453 only about 30 are still open. For the full list see:

Free food




The government promised free hotel rooms for roughsleepers during coronavirus but most are still on the streets, left without access to food, showers, toilets, laundry and a clean change of clothes, underwear and socks because 95% of homeless day centres, soup kitchens and soup runs have closed. Many roughsleepers placed in hotels have already been kicked out  back to the streets, without being informed that if they apply for the EU Settlement Scheme they can get universal credit and housing benefit to get off the streets. See

If you’re hoping homeless day centres and soup kitchens that have been closed since mid March are going to reopen from Sat 4 July, it doesn’t look like that’s happening.

What excuse can they possibly have now that churches and community centres where they are based can reopen?! The bottom line is they don’t care about us, they were never required to closed in the first place because they are exempt. They chose to close, without a thought for how homeless and people in need were going to survive for months. They got the funding and donations which pay the wages and fancied a few months holiday while getting paid. Shamelessly they’ve continued to ask for donations while closed, not telling their donors that they’ve left homeless people without food, water, toilets, showers, laundry and a clean change of clothes, socks and underwear for the last few months.

Homeless day centres have closed against government advice to stay open. The Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government and Public Health England Covid 19 guidance for hostel or day centre providers of services for people experiencing rough sleeping of 19 March 2020 states “Hostels and day centres do not need to close at the current time unless directed to do so by Public Health England or the government”.


There is nothing is the lockdown legislation that says homeless day centres have to close, they are exempt.

But homeless charities have ignored the government guidance. 95% of homeless day centres, soup kitchens and soup runs have closed.

Out of 452 homeless day centres, soup kitchens and soup runs providing meals only about 30 (5%) are still open, providing takeaways instead of drop-in meals.

Only 4 homeless day centres are still open for showers

One is open for laundry

Only two are open for a clean change of clothes, underwear and socks

One is open for free haircuts

Roughsleepers have been left on the streets during the coronavirus lockdown without access to food, water, showers, laundry, toilets and a clean change of clothes, underwear and socks.

Many thousands of people in London depend on the 452 homeless day centres, soup kitchens and soup runs to be able to eat every day. Not just roughsleepers but mostly ex homeless people who are unable to shop, prepare food and cook due to autism, ADHD, physical disability, mental health issues, learning disability and some pensioners. Most are also unable to prepare and cook food due to a combination of having no cooker, fridge, cookware, plates and cutlery, living without gas or electricity, and having nowhere to prepare and cook food due to hoarding or mice. Social services ought to be providing a carer to shop, prepare and cook food for us and deal with these problems but are providing zero services. All left with no access to food because homeless day centres and soup kitchens have closed. We’re all going hungry. At most one meal a day or none.

Every week eating is getting more and more difficult. By Mon 23 March – before Boris Johnson ordered the lockdown – most homeless day centres, soup kitchens and soup runs were closed completely due to coronavirus. Those that are still open had closed drop-ins and doing takeaways only at the door. Almost all day centres with showers and laundry are closed. They were closed without any warning when you arrived and left you with nowhere to eat, get water, shower, go to the toilet, wash your clothes and get a clean change of clothes, underwear and socks. Some that are closed haven’t even bothered to write a note on the door explaining they are closed. None have a note with alternative places to get free meals, showers, laundry and clothes. Basically, homeless charities and soup kitchens have abandoned society’s most vulnerable people – homeless, disabled and pensioners – who depend on them.

The homeless day centres and soup kitchens that are still open are doing takeaways only and giving far less food that usual. If they normally offer a 3 course meal plus bread and fruit, you only get a main course. Some are ridiculously small – 3 spoonfuls of food, not enough to feed a toddler, let alone an adult. And that will be your only meal of the day because nowhere else was open. We’re going hungry.We’re going hungry. We’re losing a lot of weight. We’re getting malnutrition. We’ve been forced on the “coronavirus diet”.

I risked getting a £60 fine by getting 2 buses to Hare Krishna handout in Lincoln’s Inn Field Holborn and the same back… All for 3 spoonfuls of rice. My only meal of the day.

Most of the soup kitchens doing takeaways and soup runs I’ve been to since coronavirus started are badly organised. Staff don’t tell people to keep 2m distance between each other so everyone is crammed in very close to each other and some people coughing next to you. One soup kitchen kept us waiting in a church hall for 1 hour to collect a takeaway, with a guy coughing repeatedly. Coughing is a symptom of coronavirus. Even during the lockdown, people at Lincoln’s Inn Fields are still queuing less than 2m apart. So you’re faced with the choice of not eating and going hungry or eating but risking catching coronavirus.

Then there’s the problem how you’re going to get to the handouts you hope are still open. Although public transport is supposed to be only for key workers travelling to work, police have no powers to fine you.

TFL have closed 40 tube stations. Stations are empty so there is nobody to go behind on the gates.

Just before the lockdown TFL made 3 door buses front boarding only. Then they had to backtrack to keep drivers safe in the coronavirus lockdown and all London buses were free for a month. Bus drivers didn’t open the front door, the front of the bus where the driver sits was closed off with danger tape, you boarded through the middle door and didn’t have to touch in with your oystercard. So basically buses were all free. TFL have started charging on buses again.

I have written this list of places offering free meals entirely from places I know about because I go to them, and other places people I know have told me are open. I only know about handouts in Central, North and West London and Hackney. I don’t know if handouts in other parts of London are open because I don’t know anybody from those areas to ask, and I don’t have a phone to call them. I can’t guarantee the ones people have told me about are correct or that they’re still open because since the coronavirus lockdown started more and more places have closed. Plan ahead where you’re going for meals in the next week and check their websites to see if they’re still open. If there is no information on their website, email them or ring them from one of the free BT Inlink phone boxes if you don’t have a phone or no credit.

When going to food handouts please keep yourself and others safe by queuing 2m (6ft 6”) from others and leave as soon as you get your food.

Do you know any other homeless drop-ins or soup kitchens that are closed or giving take aways only due to coronavirus? Please leave a message in the comments section on

The Covid 19 Mutual Aid groups, set up since coronavirus started, are no use to people who depend on homeless day centres and soup kitchens for free meals. Of all the groups I’ve looked up, none offer free meals, only to get shopping from the supermarket. They don’t meet our needs – we’re unable to prepare and cook food due to homelessness or disability. And of course they are not offering showers, laundry or clothes to roughsleepers, who have been left unable to shower, wash their clothes and get a clean change of clothes, socks and underwear due to homeless day centres and soup kitchens closing. But contact your local group and tell them what you need, maybe once they understand what you need they’ll offer it. Search for your nearest group on

The Felix Project, who supply unsold food from supermarkets to homeless day centres and soup kitchens in London for free (nearly all now closed) have had £6.5 million donations through their Food For London Now run by the Evening Standard and re asking for £10 million. Yet they are not feeding us so where is the money going when all their food is donated and they’re not spending any money on buying food? How much is their CEO Mark Curtin and their long list of senior staff getting paid why we’re starving?

Whitechapel Mission Mon-Sun 6-11am. Women only Fri 12-3pm. Mon-Sun 8-10am full English breakfast and choice of cereals. Not free, 50p. 212 Whitechapel Rd, Whitechapel E1 1BJ map

Whitechapel Mission breakfast 50p, photo by @bullringbash1

St Patrick’s Soho takeaway breakfast & showers Mon-Fri 8am. Shower by booking, extremely busy & only 1 shower so the waiting list is now 2 weeks. Takeaway Tues & Thurs 1-3pm. 21A Soho Square, near Tottenham Court Rd station W1D 4NR map

American Church Soup Kitchen takeaway Mon-Sat 10:30am-12pm. 79a Tottenham Court Rd (entrance in Whitfield St), near Goodge St station W1T 4TD map


Hare Krishna Food For All are open. Mon–Sat 12–3pm vegetarian food & hot drinks outdoors: 12pm Islip St, Kentish Town NW5 2UA map • 1pm Arlington Rd/Inverness St, Camden Town NW1 7HA map • 2:25pm York Way, Kings Cross N1 9AA next to station map • Strand Charing Cross Police Station 1:30pm & 6:30pm • Mon–Thurs 6:30pm Lincoln’s Inn Fields / Newman’s Rd corner, Holborn map • Fri & Sat 6:30pm Lincoln’s Inn Fields / Portsmouth St corner by LSE picnic tables map In Kings Cross on narrowboat on canal between Kings Cross Lock and Granary Square 07946 420 827

Castlehaven Food Bank deliver food parcels to Camden residents on Thursdays 07551798767

Camden Mobile Food Bank deliver 3-5 days worth of tinned and dried foods for people in Camden and if in stock fresh fruit, vegetables, milk and bread. Refer yourself on

Greenlight Mon-Sun 2-5pm Trafalgar Square map

SWAT Tues, Wed & Thurs 7:30pm & Sun 6pm. Now at Trafalgar Square not Strand map 07977 131113

Hare Krishna
Mon-Sat 6:30pm outside Charing Cross Police station, Strand

Rhythms of Life takeaway everyday 7pm outside National Gallery, Trafalgar Square map

Charity Begins At Home Fri 6-6:30pm 2 hot meals, several drinks and snacks. Women can go to front of queue. Hoodies, tracksuits, socks, underwear and sleeping bags for roughsleepers only. Outside National Gallery, Trafalgar Square map

There are more food handouts at Trafalgar Square from the afternoon until the evening but I don’t know who they are

Streets Kitchen Camden
 takeaway outdoors Wed, Fri & Sun 7:30pm Camden Town station, 176-178 Camden High St NW1 8NH map

United Neighbours deliver meals to vulnerable people in Camden United Neighbours founder refused to provide details of how people can register and whether it’s lunch, dinner or both, She abusively told me to “go away”.

SanKTus takeaway Sun 3-4pm. 4 Lady Margaret Rd, Kentish Town NW5 2XT map 07951 600 451

Hands On Handout???
takeaways outdoors Mon-Sun 12-1pm Islington Green park, Angel N1 8DU map

Holloway Seventh Day Adventist Caribbean takeaway, crisps and juice Wed 1pm. Chicken, fish or veg and rice and peas and cake 3rd Sun of the month 5:30pm. 381 Holloway Rd N7 0RN map

St Gabriel’s Community Centre porridge and Pret sandwiches and salads Tues, Thurs & Sat 8am. 21 Hatchard Rd, Upper Holloway / Archway N19 4NG map

People’s Army takeaways outside St Silas Thurs 7–9pm. Small portions, you’ll still be hungry. If you’re vegetarian don’t waste your time, very unreliable, the majority of times they didn’t have any food so wasted journey and another day without dinner. Also they gave me a meal telling me it was vegetarian and I only realised it was meat when I got home and had it my mouth. Penton St, Angel N1 9UL map 07309 071 759

Angel Church takeaway Mon, Wed & Fri 4-6pm Chadwell St, Angel EC1 1XD. Small portions but will give you more than one takeaway. map

The Manna Islington Mon-Fri 10am-3pm sandwiches or hot food at the door and showers. Laundry £1. St Stephen’s Church, 17 Canonbury Rd, Essex Rd N1 2DF

Humdingers takeaway soup Tues, Wed & Thurs 5-7pm. 236 Hoxton St, Whitmore Estate, Hoxton N1 5LX map

Muslim Welfare House takeaway Mon-Fri 6-7pm. 233 Seven Sisters Rd, Finsbury Park N4 2DA (gate next to Finsbury Park station entrance by bridge) map

St John’s Soup Kitchen vegetarian takeaway, food bank without referral and toiletries Tues 6:30-8:30pm & Sun 12-2pm. No longer open on Fri. Front garden with chairs where you can sit to eat. Brownswood Park / Gloucester Drive, Finsbury Park N4 2LW map

New Life Centre reopen Mon 6 July, 2nd & 4th Wed of the month 11am-2pm Caribbean meal 8-10 Lennox Rd, Finsbury Park N4 3JQ map

Andover Food Bank without referral Fri, get ticket at 2:30pm and collect food at 4:30pm. Finsbury Park Community Hub, Andover Estate, Corker Walk, Finsbury Park N7 7RY map

Amurt Thurs 12:30-1:30pm vegan meal. Mildmay Community Centre, Woodville Rd, Canonbury N16 8NA 020 7249 8286

Newington Green Food Hub
bank without referral for Newington Green residents (Islington / Hackney), register on for weekly food parcel delivery

 Soup Sat 11am-1pm. Be careful, they’re a religious sect so don’t engage with them for your own safety, 232 Seven Sisters Rd, Finsbury Park N4 3NX map

Margins Project takeaway Wed 11am-2pm & Thurs 12pm-2pm. Closed for 3 weeks from 8 June. Union Chapel back entrance Compton Avenue, Highbury & Islington N1 2UN map

Urban Table takeaway Wed 11:30am-12:15pm & Sun 2:30–4pm. Round Chapel Clapton Park URC, Powerscroft Rd, Clapton E5 0PU map

Little Things takeaway & clothes outdoors Mon, Wed & Sat 7-9pm. Next to Shoreditch Fire Station, 235 Old St, Old Street EC1V 9EY map

Streets Kitchen Hackney Thurs 8pm & Sat 7:30pm takeaway outdoors. Outside Hackney Central Library, 25-27 Hackney Grove, Mare St E8 3NR map

Streets Kitchen Dalston Fri & Sat 6:30pm takeaway outdoors. Next to Poundland, 64 Kingsland High St, Dalston E8 2JP map

Streetwise??? Mon-Sun 2pm takeaway outdoors. Next to Poundland, 64 Kingsland High St, Dalston E8 2JP map

TAB Centre takeaway Thurs 8-10am cooked breakfast & Fri 9-11:30 cooked lunch. 3 Godfrey Place Hoxton / Shoreditch High St station E2 7NT map

NLAH Mon 12-1:30pm & Wed 6-7:30pm takeaway in car park. Closed bank holiday Monday. St Paul’s, Stoke Newington Rd, Stoke Newington N16 7UE map

Faith City First Mon of the month 7-8pm takeaway and some toiletries. Open bank holiday Monday. Stoke Newington Methodist Church, 106 Stoke Newington St, Stoke Newington, London N16 7NY map

Akwaaba Sun ticket 11am, takeaway 2pm. Change of location Pearson St N1. For migrants, asylum seekers and refugees but I know people who go who are not and say it’s for anyone.

St Anne’s Hoxton Sat 5-7pm takeaway. Hemsworth St, Hoxton N1 6TS map 07847 761 361

Bethnal Freen Food Bank food delivery on 1st and 3rd Fri of each month

King’s Cross Baptist Church sandwiches at the door Tues 11am–1pm. Vernon Square, King’s Cross Rd, Kings Cross WC1X 9EW map

Redmond Community Centre’s Food Delivery Service Manor House N4. Waiting for reply about how often they deliver meals, what days and times and to which area.

Made in Hackney free meal delivery service one vegan meal a day for Hackney residents only. They have a waiting list, add yourself on Plaes may become available as particular individuals find assistance through other routes, or become well enough to take care of their own food shopping and preparation.

Freedom Ark Mon & Fri 5pm register and get ticket for meat, veg and yoghurts. Tottenham Town Hall, Town Hall Approach Rd, Seven Sisters N15 4RW. map

Off Road Hub Thurs 1:30-2:30pm takeaway. Kenneth Robins House, Northumberland Park N17 0QA map

Muswell Hill Soup Kitchen closed since March against government guidance, reopens 10 Sept on Thurs 6pm only. Same nasty food as always.

??? New handout on Sun somewhere near St Anne’s Rd Tottenham. Waiting for details.

Christian Kitchen caravan Mon–Sun 7:30–8:30pm takeaway outdoors. Mission Grove Car Park, Walthamstow E17 7AB map

Fuzz Dix Food Bank deliver food weekly in Isle of Dogs E14

Fresh Horizons bag of vegetables, fruit and groceries and another with meat, fish and / or dairy Fri 11am-12pm. Tavistock Hall, 25 High St, Harlesden / Willesden Junction NW10 4ND map

Bread and Butter deliver meals to people in need in Brent, Barnet and Enfield

Westminster Chapel Food Bank
You need a referral

North Paddington Food Bank You need a referral

St Andrew’s Fulham takeaway food and shower Sat 8-11am Star Centre, Greyhound Rd, Baron’s Court W14 9SX map      07956 587 176 Shower for 12 people, one in at a time. They ask for all your details. As other homeless charities have misused private data of roughsleepers, for your own safety don’t give them your real name, date of birth etc.

St Cuthbert’s Mon-Fri 12-1pm 3 course takeaway at the door. No longer open on Sat & Sun. Closed 7-14 Sept. Closed for showers and laundry. Clothes for roughsleepers, ask staff. 51 Philbeach Gardens, Earl’s Court SW5 9EB map

Chelsea Methodist Church reopen for takeaway from Mon 18 May. Opening times??? Opening times before coronavirus were Mon 9am-2pm, Tues 8am-2pm & Thurs 9am-2pm. Website says they’re reopening showers and laundry and letting limited number of people with mobility problems. inside for lunch but doesn’t say from when. 155A King’s Rd, Sloane Square / South Kensington SW3 5TX map

HTB St Augustine’s
cooked breakfast takeaway only Wed & Fri 9am-2pm. 
117 Queensgate Mews, South Kensington SW7 5LP map

Restart Fri 6:30-8:30pm hot meal indoors with social distancing and limited numbers or take away, reopen from 24 July. St Columba’s, Pont St, Knightsbridge SW1X 0BD map

Dad’s House Foodbank Kensington & Chelsea residents. You need to register.

Streetlytes Mon 6pm Stephen’s Church, 1 Coverdale Rd, Shepherds Bush W12 8JJ map

Under One Sky Mon-Sun 6-9pm. Under One Sky claim to offer “250-300 meals a day” yet nobody I know has ever come across them or even heard of them. They say they offer Indian food, sandwiches, soup, fruit, cakes, breakfast bars, water and hot drinks. They don’t have a fixed location or fixed times so it’s impossible to find them. They say they walk around Kings Cross, Tottenham Court Rd, Soho, Piccadilly, Strand, Waterloo, London Bridge, Westminster and Victoria. They refused to explain exactly where they walk and what time they’re at each location despite being asked several times. No mention on their website of their locations or times. It is unclear how they are able to carry around “250-300 meals” whilst walking around for 3 hours. They’ve had £155,670 donated on GoFundMe yet have illegally not registered with the Charity Commission which they must once their annual income is over £5,000. They have never submitted accounts to either the Charity Commission or Companies House so where are the £155,670 donations for “food for homeless” going?

Angel & Crown Pub are giving free takeaway outside Mon-Sun 4-5pm. Church Court, Richmond TW9 1JR map

 takeaway Mon, Tues, Wed & Fri 4pm & Sun 3pm. Next to school St Charles Square, Ladbroke Grove W10 6EY map

Carmelites Sant’Egidio Sat 12pm cold takeaway and 10 foodbank items including veg, fruit and dairy. Closed for 3 weeks. Carmelite Priory, Pitt St, High St Kensington W8 4JH map 07595 931 348

TREM takeaway only 1st Sat of the month 2–4:30pm. 84 Lillie Rd, West Kensington / West Brompton SW6 1TL map

Ealing Soup Kitchen takeaway only Fri 11am–4pm. Sat & Sun 3:30–5pm St John’s Church Room, Mattock Lane, West Ealing W13 9LA map Mon 7–9pm Salvation Army, 6 Leeland Rd, West Ealing W13 9HH map

??? Takeaway everyday 3-4pm outside Richmond station map

Acton Homeless Concern takeaway, sandwich and fruit Mon-Fri 11:30am-1:30pm. Emmaus House, 1 Berrymead Gardens, Acton W3 8AA map

A-Run bag of fruit Mon-Sun 6-7pm bag of fruit. King St, Southall 07519 863979 / 07481 427918 / 07752 382050

Muslim Hands takeaway Mon-Sun lunch 12-2pm & dinner 6-8pm. 514 Great West Road, Hounslow TW5 0TE map

Manna Mon-Sun 10am-1pm takeaway. 12 Melior St, London Bridge SE1 3QP map

Webber St takeaway only Mon-Sat 9am-12pm. Showers closed. 6-8 Webber St, Waterloo / Southwark SE1 8QA map

Earlsfield Foodbank Thurs mornings for Earlsfield residents

St Peter’s Brockley Foodbank Lewisham

Living Waters Foodbank Lewisham

Platform Café deliver free vegetarian meals to Loughborough Junction residents in need 07593 265 647

Muslim Association CRO takeaway and fruit Fri 7pm. 525 London Rd, Thornton Heath CR7 6AR map

Revivify either food parcels or meals for Croydon residents. Referral from Croydon Covid Mutual Aid groups.

Manna London Bridge closed for food and showers

GlassDoor shelters closed for dinner and shelters

Barons Court Project are closed for food, showers and laundry

All Foodcycles are closed

GlaasDoor are closed for dinner and shelters

Restart St Columba’s are closed, lunch at St Cuthbert’s Earls Court Fri, Sat & Sun 12-1pm

St Silas are closed

Muswell Hill Soup Kitchen
are closed

Sufra are closed

Order of Malta “Spanish Church” are closed

Finsbury Park Soup Kitchen are closed

Salvation Army Wimbledon are closed for meals and showers

Harecourt Church breakfast are closed

Sai Baba are closed


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